Our People

We’ve got over 500 team members providing a creative and professional approach for customers across Canada. Our success lies in our commitment to a safe, healthy work environment that allows our team to fully demonstrate their expertise. Engineers? Check. Professional road builders? Check. Firefighters? We’ve got them too.

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Meet Our People

Lois Casselman

“Lois is just an all-round person,” says company founder Les Cruickshank, and he couldn’t be more right. Since joining the Morrisburg office about 20 years ago, Lois has worked in payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, switchboard and now reception. And by all accounts, she is one of the most positive people working at the company.

“I like to think I’m a social person,” she says. “People sometimes say to me, ‘How come you’re so cheery?’ My answer is that I just don’t have time for negativity.”

Lois’s social side is evident outside of work, too, especially when volunteering with the Lions Club, a Junior B hockey team, her church and the Chamber of Commerce in her hometown of Morrisburg, Ontario.

“I don’t do all of this for recognition,” she says. “We have a great community in Morrisburg. I grew up here, and now I have a grandchild, and so I want to have something here for him.” 


Tylor Budarick

Tylor has tried to be a focused, dedicated employee since day one with Cruickshank—and he has succeeded. He started here as a packer operator in 2008 not long after graduating from high school and went on to work as a labourer for a short time before taking on the gradesman position in 2010.

“The labour work helped with the job I have now,” he says, “because I was able to help out with checking grade whenever the gradesman was up on top and I was down in the hole shooting grade.”

As for what he likes most about being a gradesman, it’s how busy the job keeps him. “You always have something to do,” he says. “It keeps you going, and you’re never bored. There’s always something to learn or something to do somewhere to get ready for the job ahead.”

Shawn Grosklag

Shawn began his career with Cruickshank as a Labourer on our Highway 28 reconstruction project in 2007. From there, he gained knowledge and progressed through the company to his current position of Superintendent, a role that has him responsible for running day-to-day operations on jobsites.

Starting and completing contracts cost-effectively and on schedule are important in this position, he says, but the safety of workers and the public is paramount in everything he does.

Supervising employees is another key responsibility he has, and it’s one he’s always trying to get better at. “To be a great supervisor, you need experience, motivation, respect for employees, and above all else good people and communication skills,” he says. “You also need to provide opportunities for all workers to grow.”

Mike Felker
Manager, Equipment Operations

Mike began working full-time for Cruickshank in 1973, which makes him one of our longest-serving employees. He was first hired as an Equipment Operator, and in his first winter with the company he took off for Toronto to drive a snow plow before returning to Morrisburg to work as a welder’s helper and drive a snow plow.

He eventually moved into the shop full-time as a welder and mechanic before becoming Shop Supervisor and then the Equipment Manager at the end of the 1990s. Today, he’s the Equipment Operations Manager, a position that has him assisting the VP of Materials and Logistics with overseeing equipment fuels, rentals, acquisitions and disposals.

Four decades is a long time to stay with one company, but for Mike it’s been a no-brainer. “It’s always been a good company to work for. You’re recognized as a person here and for your contribution; you’re not just a number.”


Pierre Girard
Loader Operator

Pierre has been working as a Loader Operator with the Green Valley division for most of his career at Cruickshank, and he has no plans to stop anytime soon. “After 30 years, you get a lot of practice,” he says. “It’s in my blood now.”

Pierre joined the company as an 18-year-old in May of 1983. He was first hired as a scale person, but not long after he became a Loader Operator. “I’m with the Green Valley division but I go everywhere with the company — I’ve been to Timbuktu and back,” he says with a laugh. “But I enjoy it, especially if I’m busy. If I’m loading a lot of trucks in the quarry, I’m happy.”

More than anything, however, it’s the people he’s had the chance to work with over the years that makes it a true pleasure to go to work every day. “I’ve met a lot of good people working here, I’ll tell you that,” he says. “I’ve seen them come and go, and of course some have passed on, but it’s the people I meet and work with that makes me really enjoy this job.”


Dean Russell
Shop Assistant

Dean joined Cruickshank in 1988 as a Stock Room Clerk but today he is a Shop Assistant based in Green Valley. He’s responsible for shipping and receiving parts for our trucks and crushing equipment, helping maintain equipment, and leading the shop’s safety talks. He’s also bilingual, which comes in handy when ordering parts from Quebec.

He’s seen more than a few changes since his time in the stock room, including the introduction of SAP, a software system that is making the ordering process much more efficient. “We’re also more diversified,” he says of the company in general. “We’re now in the recycling business, we have snow plow contracts from the Quebec border to the other side of Toronto, and we have a division out west.”

As for why he’s stayed at Cruickshank for so long, the company’s strong health and safety program and pension plan have helped, but it’s likely being part of Cruickshank’s growth that’s been the main reason he still walks to work every day, rain, snow or shine. “In the years ahead, I’m looking forward to seeing what else we’ll pursue — from new equipment and trucks to COR certification and new contracts.”


Tim Bilton
Quality Control Lab Supervisor

Tim has looked after Cruickshank’s quality control since 1998 and is now the Quality Control Lab Supervisor. His dedication and hard work has led to a great career, but it’s also allowed us to grow an important component of our business — quality control services that ensure our products are top notch and that our clients are satisfied.

As Lab Supervisor, Tim oversees the Elginburg and Morrisburg labs, as well as our portable asphalt lab. He’s responsible for designing — with the help of the quality control team — all of the asphalt mixes for compliance with Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and municipal specifications. He and his team also test the aggregates Cruickshank produces, as well as any purchased from outside sources that are required for MTO projects.

JP Charbonneau
Operations Manager, Aggregate & Concrete – Eastern

JP is a Cruickshank veteran and one of three family members who have been part of our success. Throughout his time here, JP has consistently proven his technical expertise and sales knowledge — qualities that are now helping Cruickshank strengthen its reputation as one of the most trusted aggregate and concrete producers in eastern Ontario.

JP began working for the company while still in high school as a labourer and equipment operator in the summer months. When he graduated, the decision to stay on with Cruickshank full-time was an easy one. For the next 12 years he was a crusher and heavy equipment operator, and today he’s the eastern region’s Aggregate & Concrete Operations Manager. In this role, he’s responsible for the daily operations of the quarries between Brockville and the Quebec border; the crushing operations, concrete plant and trucking services; and the recycling and snow plow contracts for municipal and provincial customers.