Cruickshank has the quality stone and sand products you need to do the job right – whether you’re making a driveway, parking lot or building a highway. We provide all sizes of crushed stone, from fine aggregates to armour stone, as well as sand fill, masonry sand, concrete sand, asphalt blending sand and topsoil.

Like our other products, we provide quality control testing of all our aggregate products, including compliance verification by our CCIL-accredited laboratory and technical staff.

Our aggregate locations are distributed along the Seaway to provide ready access, and most are equipped with loaders and scales. Need it delivered? No problem.

Our aggregates come from our own sites:

  • 12 limestone quarries
  • 5 gravel/sand pits
  • 1 red granite quarry

View our Aggregate Product Matrix

Crusher-run products

We provide a range of MTO grades of Granular A, M and B or 7/8" minus, 5/8" minus or 4" minus products for base or sub-base material in roadway construction, driveway or pathway construction.

Clear stone products

Our clear stone products include asphalt coarse materials, concrete coarse aggregate, drainage stone, railway ballast and gabion stone products and range in size from 1/4" to 6".

Other products

We also provide courser materials in a range of sizes, including blast rock, rip rap and landscape stone for fill, drainage or slope stabilization applications.

Sand and gravel products

Our sand and gravel products include concrete sand, asphalt sand and winter sand as well as sand fill.

Red granite products

Our red granite quarry produces quality products for decorative and landscaping applications, as well as for exposed aggregate pre-cast products.

Specialty products

Our innovative asphalt cold patch product provides a remedial patch to potholed asphalt surfaces and is produced using our finer grade of clear stone chips and a premium asphalt emulsion. It adheres well to surfaces in less than ideal temperatures to provide temporary relief to deteriorated pavements.