We’re proud to be part of many initiatives designed to make our communities a better place to be.

2013 Conservation Award of Excellence

Cruickshank has been awarded a 2013 Conservation Award of Excellence. This Corporate Conservation Award by the Cataraqui Conservation Foundation honours a community organization, municipality, institution or business that has advanced the understanding of the interdependence of all life in the CRCA watershed and/or has actively promoted the protection of the natural environment. Read more

E3 Program

Cruickshank has recently launched a new energy and environmental strategy called “Energy, Environment, and 3 Targets Every Year” – “E3” for short. Each year we will include three targets in our strategic plan that reduce Cruickshank’s carbon footprint and prove to our employees and our customers that we take environmental sustainability seriously. Read more...

Recent initiatives now implemented across the company are proof that we take environmental sustainability seriously at Cruickshank:

Green Office Initiative:

  1. Water bottle ban:
    • Water Coolers installed at all locations
    • Water glasses and water pitchers have been provided in company boardrooms
    • All employees will be given reusable E3 water bottles at our ‘start-up’ sessions
  2. We have switch to environmentally friendly paper and products. Lyreco, our office products supplier anticipates a 30% savings overall.
  3. “Green Products” are now being used to clean our offices.
  4. Additional Recycling Bins for: paper, plastic, cans, coffee cups and used batteries have been provided throughout the entire office.
  5. BFI have provided bins outside for recycling pickup.
  6. Registered for Earth Day/Pitch-In/Operation Clean Sweep on April 22nd, 2013.

Dalton Office Waste Audit*:

  • Phase I results: 3 week average 75lbs of garbage per week
  • Phase II results: 3 week average 25lbs of garage per week
  • Results: 2600lbs of waste diverted from landfill annually


  • Active corporate member of SWITCH Kingston, a network dedicated to positioning the southeastern Ontario region as a leading centre for sustainable energy
  • Actively involved in the Species At Risk program at all of our locations
  • We monitor our use of fuel, salt solvents and oil to identify and mitigate runoffs and soil contamination, along with computerized material application controls to effectively apply salt and sand to roads.
  • Energy audits are regularly performed on company offices and manufacturing plants, resulting in energy-efficient upgrades to lighting, insulation and equipment.

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy audits at our asphalt plants have resulted in insulation that saves over 662,000 btu per hour – equivalent to the amount of carbon sequestered each year by 11 acres of forest.
  • Our Godfrey Pit Scale House generator has been replaced with a solar PV system; other solar installations are in the planning stages.


  • Our heavy equipment has been upgraded to be more fuel-efficient, and to include route optimization, maintenance and tracking programs, as well as speed-limiting devices.
  • Our equipment is washed using a BioCircle solvent-free parts washer.

Cruickshank is named a Green 30 company

Cruickshank is thrilled to be named one of The Green 30 for 2012 by Maclean's Magazine.